Two Steps Forward…

This has been an interesting week so far.

My computer started making a weird sound when the fan spins up. I’m currently in “line” for a repair. They’ll call me in a few weeks. My computer will be out of my hands for just a few days. I’m getting my old computer dusted off and ready so that it won’t interrupt my work. Still, it’s a disruption.

In the meantime, my writing has made a few steps forward. Tomorrow is my read and critique group (online nowadays) and I will get feedback on my latest short story, which is being submitted to an anthology later this month. I look forward to hearing what they think about it.

More exciting, I received feedback from a published author on the first 30 pages of one of my in-progress novels. It was part of the “Fantasy Agent” project through the Guppies Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Anonymous published authors volunteer to read a synopsis of the story and the first thirty pages and respond with tips. They read it as if they were an agent I was submitting the story to.

I received a lot of really helpful feedback that will make this story better. Some things I expected (“shorten the sentences,” everyone says). Others I had never thought of but I completely agree, now that it was pointed out to me.

So, two steps forward perhaps, but the computer problem is a step back. I am working to make it the tiniest step back possible.

Still working on putting the old sites back up in their new designs now that we are restarting our virtual life (after a hack/malicious code caused us to change hosting). You don’t realize how much you have on the web until you have to redo it all.

Plugging away…..