During the Time of Covid

I’m sure I am not the only one who tires of Zoom meetings (even as they open up so many opportunities) and talks with “___ during the time of Covid” titles.

I’ve drafted a number of blogs in the past two months trying to detail my reactions to these “unprecedented times” (oh, how I tire of that phrase–I long for precedented times!), but have never hit publish. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because it always sounds whiny and ungrateful. After all, I’m comparatively lucky. While I have certainly had to miss out on a number of experiences that I had been working hard for and anticipating greatly (Left Coast Crime and Bouchercon–both of which would have celebrated my first two publications), and I did lose a job I enjoyed very much, I still have much to be grateful for.

For one, I did get two short stories published this year. You can see more info on that in my menu above under “Writing” but the latest news on that is that the Bouchercon Anthology just went into preorder status on Kickstarter, so do take a look if you are interested. It was very exciting to see my name listed under “19 of the world’s best mystery writers.” I joked with my husband that the reality is more “18 of the World’s Mystery Writers, oh, and some woman named Kim.”

Second, I am still working freelance (or trying to–if you have a project, I want to hear from you!) and still writing. I’m doing it all safe from home with a husband who is able to work from home. And this pandemic is happening during a time where we can be connected by technology. Imagine being locked in your home in the 1970s, 1980s, even the 1990s. We have so many advantages today.

I recognize that so many people are suffering and struggling. If you are one of them, I hope that things turn around for you very soon. I still have hope that things will soon get better. It’s that hope and my sense of gratitude for the luck I have that keeps me going.

Hang in there everyone. We are in this together–maybe not all in the same boat, but in the same storm. We can get through this storm together even as we stay six feet apart.