Kim Geeks Out?

I’ve been very busy volunteering as the Local Organizing Committee Chair for Bouchercon 2023 for the past three years. As a result, this blog has had very little content. It was a good idea but I just didn’t have the time to write anything for it. I was barely getting short story and novel writing done.

Now that Bouchercon 2023: San Diego is almost here, I’ve been thinking of my next steps. Writing, obviously, will be one big step. Freelancing clients will be another (I’ve not had enough time to take on clients lately and my income shows it–but I didn’t want to take on more projects and not have the time to deal with them well.)

I’m considering ramping up this blog and thinking about calling it “Kim Geeks Out” because I don’t want to just talk about one topic but about all of the things I like to do, read, and write. The only thing these topics have in common are me, so the title shows that the blog is about what I love.

Should I do it? Those of you who blog, what do you think? Those of you who read blogs, do you want a blog that has trains, mysteries, marketing, book collecting, airships, technology, and other topics?

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