Lectures in San Diego and Online

Since I started teaching at the college level, I’ve enjoyed speaking to groups about topics I love. Although I am no longer formally an academic, I still give talks on a variety of historical or literary topics.

All talks are accompanied by Powerpoint slides (photos, video, audio) and last between 1-2 hours. My rate is generally between $100-$250 a talk, depending on topic and length. See my resumé for details on my regular speaking engagements with the Oasis Learning Center and Osher CSUSM.


  • Shakespearean Authorship
  • Shakespearean Stagecraft
  • Richard III: Guilty or Not?
  • War of the Roses: A Soap Opera of the Middle Ages
  • The Six Wives of Henry VIII
  • Exploring the Mystery Genre
  • The Girl on the Red Velvet Swing: The 1906 Murder of architect Stanford White by millionaire Harry Thaw over model Evelyn Nesbit
  • The 19th Amendment: 100 Years Since Women Won the Right to Vote
  • Girl Sleuth Nancy Drew: History and Authorship
  • Shakespeare’s Plays––lectures on individual plays (Taming of the Shrew, Much Ado About Nothing, etc.)