Our Sites Return

I have been busy this month not only starting this new site but reviving several other sites that we own, remaking them from scratch.

There is still a lot to do, but if you are interested, check out the following:

Keeline.com – Your Key to Our World

We call it “The Internet Home of James and Kim Keeline” for a reason. This is the page that links to everything we are doing. All of our sites will be listed here as they are revived. Info about events and hobbies will also be listed here over time.

Stratemeyer.org – Series Book History (Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Bobbsey Twins and more from Edward Stratemeyer and the Stratemeyer Syndicate)

My husband, James, has been an expert researcher and collector of juvenile series books since the late 1980s. This site contains his research into series books.

24 Palmer Street Press – Dedicated to the legacy of Edward Stratemeyer

This is our small press where we publish series book history and reprints of early Stratemeyer stories that have never been books before.